Kickstart #2018 and have your Best Year Ever

Some ideas and inspiration to begin the year as a winner. New Year is approaching! And everyone is very excited to have the a successful year. It’s time for reflection and goal-setting.

In times of information overload and distraction, the key to success is structure and focus! Never before we have been bombarded constantly with so much stuff. Stuff looking for our attention! And biggest asset is TIME. We will trade anything for our time. We don’t even pick up the phone in 2016. No.. no.. we will call back when it’s on our time! Time is scarce and how we spend it defines the quality of our lives. Today is times of greatest distraction and simultaneously – greatest possibilities! So how do win in such times and get the most out of 2016? While there’s no simple formula to describe that – below I’m pointing a few ideas to help you kickstart 2017, prepared to ROCK it ON!



Learning from the past (5 X 5). Often people look forward, but forget to learn from the past. Or simply to appreciate it. Looking through your past year could give you a lot of great ideas for the future.

Here are some questions, that can help you reflect on the year:

  • What are the 5 things are you most grateful about in 2016?
  • What are the 5 greatest achievements that you did in 2016?
  • What are the 5 people that impacted your life the most in 2016?
  • What are the 5 greatest lessons you learned in 2016?
  • What are the 5 things you would do differently if you could?



What if you this year you decide – that you will focus your time on living your passions full out? NY Bestselling author Janet Attwood in her book and seminars – The Passion Test – describes the #1 tool of discovering your top 5 passions and markers / or evidence on how to live them fully. As a passion test facilitator I would strongly recommend using the tool as a powerful step of designing your year of success. You can do the test online or check out for events in your area at the webpage. Think of your passions as your long term compass to base your yearly goals around.

Imagine how will your life change if you decide to spend your year living your passions full out? As Janet says: “Whenever you are faced with a choice, decision or opportunity, always choose in favor of your passions” .



10x your goals. Motivational speaker Les Brown often says: “The problem is not that people aim too high and miss, but that people aim too low and hit” What if this year you decide to 10x your goals. Yes exactly – to multiply the expected outcome of your goals 10 times. For example if you were to plan saving USD 20,000, you set a goal to save 200,000 USD instead. Scary huh? But hey – imagine how would you act if you were to aim for the stars? How would you approach the achievement of these goals? How would you spend your time? If you know what your top passions are – you can brainstorm concrete, measurable goals within the 2017 context. Remember to include goals in each area of your life.

I usually borrow from Tony Robbins’ – Time of Your Life program, and defining the most important areas in my personal and professional life and add goals under each area. That way it’s more structured.



Decide to Focus on 5 Major Areas. Now, from the big list of goals and ideas you came up with – we want to pick ones that are most important. The problem here is “choices”. We have way too many options. We get distracted and never really focus consistently on just a few key areas and become the best at it. Instead we spend our time getting side-tracked by secondary activities. It’s easy to get off track. We need a compass again!

In his book – 18 minutes of focus, Peter Bregmann suggests focusing on only 5 major areas that you would want to spend 95% your time within an year. It’s scientifically proven that our brain could hardly focus on more than 5 things. All the rest of things go to the Sixth area – called “Other”. These 5 major areas could be very broad. For example: “Attract and serve my ideal clients” or “Spend quality time with friends and family”. Remember the greatest achievers of our time are not there because they very good at SAYING YES, but because they are great at SAYING NO most of the time. Laser focus + consistency = BIG STUFF



Don’t live the same year again! One of the big issues with new years resolutions are – people don’t follow through. Here’s a few ideas that could help you stay consistent with your goals:

1.Revisit your goals at least weekly

People write their resolutions and check them again the following year. Don’t be these people!! Be a winner! Write your goals in a place you can see often. You can stick them on your wall. You can revisit them every weekend. Do something that keeps you dedicated if you get off track.

2. Find the BIG WHY behind

It’s easy to work on a goal for a day or two. The problem is – big goals require lots of energy. What is your Big Reason behind your goal? Why do you want that so much? Connect with your purpose will give you extra drive to follow through.

3. Find an accountability partner

Having someone to keep you accountable is simply great. Get your friend, your spouse, a family member – or hire a coach to be your accountability partner. And don’t be nice to yourself. Set some rules! Be willing to punish yourself in case you don’t follow through. And of course reward yourself if you are doing well. Play it like a game. Remember how much you want to achieve that goal!

And please feel free to comment and state your questions below! I would love to hear your best tips and advice to kickstart the new year.

How will VR transform the gaming world?

Virtual Reality is approaching with a fast pace, in gaming more than anything else. And when it comes to technology there are three main players on the market so far. Oculus Rift has been first to announce pre-orders shipping in March, while HTC Vive and Sony’s Playstation VR will come into play later this year. Without further elaboration, it is plain clear that 2016 will either be the year of VR, or a giant disappointment of another dead end trial.

That we don’t know yet, just as we don’t know whether mighty DiCaprio will get his long-awaited prize later this week or not.

It isn’t the first time VR is trying to break the ice, and change the gaming world. Back in the 90’s, the same VR made audiences turn their back to Nintendo’s Virtual Boy leaving this path abandoned for decades.

But can VR stand a chance of revolutionising gaming now?..

Read the whole article here:

How productive is your company?

What makes a company productive in 2017? There are many ways we can measure productivity, but in a simple sense – it’s the ability for a team to “get the right things done in the most efficient way”, so that the company moves forward and achieves its goals. So there are two components here:

  1. The ability to consistently choose and focus your attention on the highest priority tasks in the jungle of options: EFFECTIVENESS.

  2. The ability to complete these tasks in the fastest and smartest manner: EFFICIENCY.

Most people relate “productivity” to the second one – efficiency. That is paradoxically the less important one. If you don’t carefully select what are the most important outcomes, you might end up wasting most of your time and creative power – doing well, the things that shouldn’t be done at all. While the high-priority outcomes remain UNdone.

Through my work as a productivity coach, I have discovered certain patterns that stand on the way of true productivity; patterns that prevent otherwise ambitious companies with peak-performing employees from using their talent to the full capacity. Here are some of them:



One of the most common patterns is – people don’t take time to get clear what is the desired OUTCOME for their actions. If you ask them what are they focused on – they might tell you something loose like: “I’ll be doing sales today”. Instead of a clear measurable outcome, for example: “I will produce 30 cold-calls to sell product X to potential buyers from my prospect list”. Now that’s more concrete!

When you get clear what your OUTCOME is three things will happen:

  • It becomes easier to reverse-engineer and come up with the most effective game-plan to achieve that OUTCOME.
  • You are less likely to procrastinate as you have a target to reach.
  • You have the freedom and you are flexible in case your plan doesn’t work. You can get back to the OUTCOME and come up with another plan.



Peter Drucker said it: “If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail”. I find it fascinating, that most people come into the office with no clear plan for their day. And I don’t mean a full calendar with meetings. I mean an effective plan, carefully created on the previous day – with a list of the most important OUTCOMES to be produced for the day to be successful. The major excuse is “I don’t have time to plan my day”. Guess what – if you don’t have 15 to 30 minutes to reflect on your day and plan your next day carefully, you will be up to 3 times less productive. Yes! You will probably feel more busy. But the probability to engage in low-priority tasks and to do things inefficiently will increase significantly. Effective planning can be a great way to eliminate a lot of the tasks that shouldn’t be done at all. And if done systematically, you can build a wonderful momentum, especially if the team creates it into a habit to plan and share their outcomes with their colleagues.



“Attention!” Big word in 2017. Think about it – we are constantly bombarded with tons of information competing for our attention. Google did a research back in 2005. They found out that, we were producing the same amount of information for only 24 hours in 2005, that humans had produced from the beginning of human existence up until 2001. Now it’s 2017!! Everything demands our attention. We have all kind of electronic devices and access to multiply streams of information at all time. Microsoft did another research in 2015. The study has shown that our attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds from 2000 to 2015 (due to the effects of the digital era, according to them).

So.. more things compete for our attention, but our ability to stay focused has decreased! GREAT NEWS! No wonder – more and more employees are constantly distracted at work, wasting tons of company money – procrastinating, multi-tasking and being ineffective. Often only minor tweaks can create wonders.




Company culture doesn’t change for a day or two. It takes long and systematic approach to improve, and create sustainable changes and build up productivity habits. But the results can be extraordinary.

If you can improve the productivity of your employees with as little as 20%, how much of value is that for the company in the long run?



I love working with companies and helping them be on the top of their game!! Here’s a case, I did with the guys from No-More, who got me on board to help them be even more productive and motivated. I would love to help you and your team as well!

Reach out here to book a free 30-min consultation! And let’s get the ball rollin’…

Surround Yourself With Winners

You can only go as far by yourself. To win in life and business you want to surround yourself with inspiring, uplifting people. People that are willing to share and help you grow. People that are open to listen despite their experience or career position. Never stop learning! Never stop growing!

Reach out to the best people in your industry. Ask them for advice. See how you can create value for them and keep them in your inner circle. Buy them coffee! Buy them lunch! Ask them what they need, what their current challenges are. Be curious and help them from your heart.

Here are a few ideas:



Masterminding is a very powerful tool for growth. You can surround yourself with great people by initiating such a group. Define what the vision for the mastermind is. And reach out to the people you want to have in your circle. I’ve tried a lot of variations before. In my experience a small trusted group of 4 to 6 people is optimal in a set up of 60 to 90 min meetings regularly. People who share common values and want to help each other grow. For example right now I am a part of a mastermind focused on personal growth (on a weekly basis). And another one – coaching mastermind (on a monthly basis). Third one is business oriented. I will soon re-start a speakers’ mastermind as well. Why? Because these are the areas, I am focused on growing at the moment. And together we can grow so much faster.

Masterminds can be very effective online as well. Never be afraid to reach out to your greatest heroes. Even if you think they might be too busy or too successful to join. You neverknow. Worst will be you get a NO. But you’ll be amazed how many people will be interested.



Learning from the best, who are where you want to be can save you tons of headaches. Why doing the same mistakes as them, if you can be guided and avoid a lot of the pitfalls?The best way to land a good mentor – GIVE VALUE FIRST! Don’t think about what they can do for you, think about what you can do for them. Why should I spend their time with you? Make sure to get clear what you want to achieve from such relationship. For example if you want to be a great graphic designer and you a new, who would be a person you can learn from? Can you pay them an hour/month to mentor you, and feedback you on your work, recommend you books and courses to take and lead you on the way? Or if you can not afford it – what else can you leverage? Can you begin an internship with this person? Or do some ground work on their projects? Be creative and ask if you are in doubt. Set clear expectations and respect the time of your mentor.



People ask me – how come do I have such a big network. Well – I’ve met so many amazing people by being curious. For example – when I began my speaking career, I wanted to know all the tools that will help me to be successful. So I went on LinkedIn, wrote “speaker” in the search and reached out to anyone I found interesting and relevant. I met a lot of great speakers. I learned so much from each of them.Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and tell people you are new at something and don’t have things figured out yet. That’s the ultimate power. Genuine curiousity. Willingness to put your ego aside and learn. The more you know about people, the better the chance you can help them, connect them with someone else. Put up good energy and good energy will get back to you.




1. DEFINE what is the ONE SKILL you want to master?

2. Which of the mentioned above do you find applicable to you?

3. What are 3 actions you can take TODAY to move forward with it?


Write them as a comment!

P.S. What other ideas do you have for surrounding yourself with great people?

Let me know if I can be of help to you anyhow and support you on growing your network.