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How will VR transform the gaming world?

Virtual Reality is approaching with a fast pace, in gaming more than anything else. And when it comes to technology there are three main players on the market so far. Oculus Rift has been first to announce pre-orders shipping in March, while HTC Vive and Sony’s Playstation VR will come into play later this year. […]

How productive is your company?

What makes a company productive in 2017? There are many ways we can measure productivity, but in a simple sense – it’s the ability for a team to “get the right things done in the most efficient way”, so that the company moves forward and achieves its goals. So there are two components here: The […]

Surround Yourself With Winners

You can only go as far by yourself. To win in life and business you want to surround yourself with inspiring, uplifting people. People that are willing to share and help you grow. People that are open to listen despite their experience or career position. Never stop learning! Never stop growing! Reach out to the […]

(BTS) Producing the Sci-Fi Short Film – Arene

In 2015 I had the pleasure to produce an ambitious sci-fi project – Arene. Below is an interview I gave to Luisa Pascu, where I share details about the production. Myself on set of Arene  / Photography Simon Falkentorp © What is story behind the Sci-Fi short film – Arene, and what was it inspired by? I […]

(BTS) Magic Unleashed

A short interview I gave, sharing my experience from shooting the ident video of Level Up Pictures – Magic Unleashed. Hope you enjoy the read! P.S. You can see the final product at the end of the post! — How did you develop the concept for the video? Stoyan: Magic Unleashed is a branding video […]