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Making Life is Like a Movie – Trailer

Ever since I began on my journey as a keynote speaker, I’ve been asked whether or not I had a trailer with my material. So, those who hire me can get a feel of me and decide whether I have the right vibe for the occasion. Funny enough - I haven’t done one by now. It’s a paradox, right? Mr. [...]

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Why do I keep going to ELEVATE every year?

As a productivity coach and a speaker myself, I love joining seminars and conferences on personal growth. There, I connect with alike people and keep on sharpening my toolbox, so I am always on the top of my game. This November I joined again a conference that is very special to me. It is called Elevate. There are many events and conferences [...]

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Joining The Agenda Experience

Sometimes you join a festival and its just what you expected. Other times you get that sense of unexpected non-linearity that mesmerises your mind and makes you rethink concepts and perceptions.  The Agenda - the experimental festival organised for the first time by Kaospilot for their 25 years anniversary. I had no idea what I’m getting myself into. And I am not [...]

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Life is Like a Movie

Designing your Life Like the Movie you Want to be The Hero of.. Aug 4th.. 4:37 pm.. I’m waiting impatiently for the crowd to arrive. It’s the first public presentation of my new keynote talk - "Life is Like a Movie". I am a little nervous, but very excited about the event.. I've been working on that concept for the [...]

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(BTS) Producing the Sci-Fi Short Film – Arene

In 2015 I had the pleasure to produce an ambitious sci-fi project - Arene. Below is an interview I gave to Luisa Pascu, where I share details about the production. Myself on set of Arene  / Photography Simon Falkentorp © What is story behind the Sci-Fi short film - Arene, and what was it inspired by? I will take the liberty to [...]

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5 Reasons for Every Film-Maker to Apply for Talents Sarajevo

As a passionate producer I’m always looking for ways to broaden my horizons, top up my game and increase my network of contacts. In 2014 spring I applied for a program called Talents Sarajevo - a platform for networking and education that selects and gathers 70 film-makers from Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus. By the time all I knew was it’s organised [...]

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