Life is Like a Movie

Aug 4th.. 4:37 pm.. I’m waiting impatiently for the crowd to arrive. It’s the first public presentation of my new keynote talk – “Life is Like a Movie”.

I am a little nervous, but very excited about the event.. I’ve been working on that concept for the past few years and finally it’s time to spread it out to the world. The talk that combines my passions: to produce movies and to inspire people to be their best! Yes, it’s a dream coming through and I am pumped!

People start to show up, grabbing by a cup of coffee and filling the empty spots. A lovely crowd to a fully booked event. So.. I’d better deliver! The host presents me and shows the audience a short movie, I had produced. People are clapping and waiting for the show to begin.. My turn now – to take the stage and do my magic.. And hopefully they leave the event inspired, moved and entertained.

Life is Like a Movie – a journey to take charge and start living by design.

.. If your life was a movie, what would it be? A drama, an action, a horror.. ?
If you were the writer, the director and  the producer of your own movie – how would you live it? 
Guess what.. you are all of these, already!!
It’s time to take charge and begin building your own story..

I open my speech and the words start to come out..

I believe one should be always well prepared, and have a good structure of their speech. But I also believe, on top of that, what best speakers do is speaking from the heart. Within the frame of their core message, they feel the room, improvise, and keep the talk spontaneous and interactive. They involve the audience, and include them in the discussion; inviting warmly their stories and desires.

Some might suggest, that best speakers do not use slides, and simply speak, engaging the audience with their stories. I personally like frames. Being a very visual person myself, I like to include videos, photos and to emphasise on the core points with the slides. And when I talk about such a visual topic, it would be a shame not to.

I continue the talk by presenting the audience with my 7-step action plan on how to design the movie of your dreams:

One of the first things we do, when we begin making a new movie is to define the character. Who is the main guy? What is making him or her special? What triggers them to take certain choices. What happens when we put them under pressure. Who are they? And who do they wanna be? And how do they fill the gap. So step number one in designing your own movie –  Define the character

Time for the first exercises and group discussions. And then more stories and examples from my own movie background, making analogies with life, so that the audience could take the examples to heart. ..And step by step covering all steps.

Finally I lead them through a meditative exercise – guiding them to imagine their dream movie.
People clap and the talk is over! Some rush right after to ask me questions, share what they dreamed of and comment on the speech. The team is serving coffee and cake in the atmosphere of light jazz, encouraging people to network.

A young lady comes to me and shares:

This was the first time someone inspired me to be my own hero, and as a woman to be able to dream big and be a leader. I am dedicated now to be a storyteller and empower other women to be leaders of their own movie.

It’s hard to express the feeling after that! This is why I am doing all this! And that is just the beginning of the Life Like a Movie journey.

I want to share my story everywhere and empower leaders be their best! Because leaders are those, who can take the relay and pay it forward! Stay tuned as I’ll be getting active on all fronts. And let me know if I can be of help to you on your journey.

Designing your Life Like the Movie you Want to be The Hero of..

P.S. Special Thanks to Laura and Katalin for the enormous help for making this event and all the great people that joined my premiere.

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