Surround Yourself With Winners

You can only go as far by yourself. To win in life and business you want to surround yourself with inspiring, uplifting people. People that are willing to share and help you grow. People that are open to listen despite their experience or career position. Never stop learning! Never stop growing!

Reach out to the best people in your industry. Ask them for advice. See how you can create value for them and keep them in your inner circle. Buy them coffee! Buy them lunch! Ask them what they need, what their current challenges are. Be curious and help them from your heart.

Here are a few ideas:



Masterminding is a very powerful tool for growth. You can surround yourself with great people by initiating such a group. Define what the vision for the mastermind is. And reach out to the people you want to have in your circle. I’ve tried a lot of variations before. In my experience a small trusted group of 4 to 6 people is optimal in a set up of 60 to 90 min meetings regularly. People who share common values and want to help each other grow. For example right now I am a part of a mastermind focused on personal growth (on a weekly basis). And another one – coaching mastermind (on a monthly basis). Third one is business oriented. I will soon re-start a speakers’ mastermind as well. Why? Because these are the areas, I am focused on growing at the moment. And together we can grow so much faster.

Masterminds can be very effective online as well. Never be afraid to reach out to your greatest heroes. Even if you think they might be too busy or too successful to join. You neverknow. Worst will be you get a NO. But you’ll be amazed how many people will be interested.



Learning from the best, who are where you want to be can save you tons of headaches. Why doing the same mistakes as them, if you can be guided and avoid a lot of the pitfalls?The best way to land a good mentor – GIVE VALUE FIRST! Don’t think about what they can do for you, think about what you can do for them. Why should I spend their time with you? Make sure to get clear what you want to achieve from such relationship. For example if you want to be a great graphic designer and you a new, who would be a person you can learn from? Can you pay them an hour/month to mentor you, and feedback you on your work, recommend you books and courses to take and lead you on the way? Or if you can not afford it – what else can you leverage? Can you begin an internship with this person? Or do some ground work on their projects? Be creative and ask if you are in doubt. Set clear expectations and respect the time of your mentor.



People ask me – how come do I have such a big network. Well – I’ve met so many amazing people by being curious. For example – when I began my speaking career, I wanted to know all the tools that will help me to be successful. So I went on LinkedIn, wrote “speaker” in the search and reached out to anyone I found interesting and relevant. I met a lot of great speakers. I learned so much from each of them.Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and tell people you are new at something and don’t have things figured out yet. That’s the ultimate power. Genuine curiousity. Willingness to put your ego aside and learn. The more you know about people, the better the chance you can help them, connect them with someone else. Put up good energy and good energy will get back to you.




1. DEFINE what is the ONE SKILL you want to master?

2. Which of the mentioned above do you find applicable to you?

3. What are 3 actions you can take TODAY to move forward with it?


Write them as a comment!

P.S. What other ideas do you have for surrounding yourself with great people?

Let me know if I can be of help to you anyhow and support you on growing your network.